Banking and finance

The firm stands ready to counsel banks, and other financial services entities in financing transactions. We act for both borrowers and lenders, in respect of secured and unsecured loans, asset securitizations, debt restructures, bankruptcy, foreclosures and more complex financing arrangements. Typical representations in this area of practice involve planning, negotiating and documenting debt structures, to resolve issues through negotiation, litigation or a transactional approach.

Commercial & Corporate Transactions 

Our representation extends to include transactional services to domestic and international clients ranging from start-ups to multimillion dollar corporations, in a wide array of industries. Our highly skilled team can be relied upon for legal advice, business judgment, and market knowledge to identify legal issues and efficiently solve business problems.  We strive to add value to our clients’ businesses by understanding their unique challenges and long-term business strategy.

Constitutional and administrative law

The firm’s most experienced councils are here to employ their years of experience in conducting public interest litigations, within the range of challenging the constitutionality of legislations and constitutional amendments.

Divorce & Family Law 

The firm stands ready to defend/institute divorce suits, and facilitate the completion of formalities before the Marriage/Divorce Registrar.

With the rise of divorce rates, comes an increase of child custody disputes. Our attorneys have mediated a number of such disagreements helping the involved parties in coming to unanimous agreements. We also stand ready to provide legal representations in cases arising where parties are not able to reach an amicable resolve outside of court.


Our practice spans motor vehicle, property and life insurance, extends to re-insurance and is evolving as is this area of law.

Labour and Employment

The attorneys at Elrington’s firm are superbly versed in the labour laws of Belize and provide a wide scope of advice and services to a diverse cross-section of public and private sector companies as well as the labourer. It advises companies in relation to appointment, disciplinary proceedings, termination among others employment law issues and the entitlements of the employee.  Our suite of services include union negotiations, immigration matters, applications for work permits, vetting and drafting employment manuals and code of conduct regulations for companies.


Elrington’s legal firm specializes in contractual matters which include drafting, mediation or other dispute resolution, and litigation.  Our attorneys have a keen understanding of the various laws which govern contractual terms and conditions


Copyrights, patents and trademarks

At Elrington’s firm, we believe that the inventive imagination, the creative genius and branding are of priceless value and we understand and embrace the importance of preserving and advancing proprietary rights thus, we advise clients on developing comprehensive strategies to understand, manage, protect and leverage their intellectual property assets, including:

Trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, franchising and technology licensing. Additionally, the firm’s attorneys are experienced in intellectual property litigation.


Litigation and dispute resolution

Whether through timely use of innovative alternative dispute resolution techniques or skillful and persuasive advocacy in the courtroom, you can count on our lawyers to maximize your prospects for a successful outcome. We also work with you to assess and manage your risks in relation to the legal costs of the dispute and to seek to minimize the likelihood of future litigation. Whether your dispute has strategic, reputational or financial importance and whatever the subject matter, your success is our priority.

Real Estate and Construction

Businesses, public institutions and non-profit associations can rely on us for our expertise in law pertaining to real estate planning, finance, acquisitions, development, leasing, Sale of real property and workout transactions.

Criminal Law