Tang is free again

Today Joseph James aka Tanga and his new girlfriend Erica Armstrong were taken before the magistrate in court #2 and read the charges of possession of an illegal drug, possession of an illegal drug with an attempt to supply and possession of illegal ammunition. The parties initially pled Not guilty to all of the charges but that was only the beginning of a long day in court. It seemed that there was confusion as who would plea guilty to the ammunition charge so as to allow the other to go free. In the end however Joseph James aka Tanga pled guilty and so his attorney Oj Elrington was forced to make submissions in a plea for mitigation. In short he requested the court to hand down a sentence of a fine as opposed to confinement that is to say jail time. Elrington was able to successfully convince the judge that considering all the circumstances a fine and not jail time was the appropriate sentence. The judge in delivering her judgement said she took special consideration for the unique set of circumstances. He was therefore fined the sum of $1500 which he had to pay forwith. Both parties were offered bail in the sum of $5000 with two sureties for the drug charges.